Nick Young was involved in a boxing match and NBA fans had some funny reactions to Swaggy P's performance.

There is a long time for the NBA season to start, and as such, basketball fans have their eye on alternate events going on. EuroBasket has been going on with a very high level of interest in the competition from across the basketball world.

The NFL season has just begun, the soccer season is on worldwide and there are always sports like boxing and UFC that are also on.

There has been a recent trend of some celebrities participating in boxing matches that draw some crowds.

YouTubers like Logan Paul and Jake Paul are perhaps the most prominent examples of this, but there have been former NBA players getting involved as well. Nate Robinson fought against Jake Paul, and Lamar Odom also participated in a celebrity boxing match.

Nick Young, commonly called 'Swaggy P' became the latest former NBA star to make a foray into boxing. Fighting at the Social Gloves 2 event, he took on Malcolm Minikon. Minikon had stepped into fight Young after rapper Blueface was denied a boxing license in California.

And while the fight was waved off after Young went careening through the ropes, fans loved what they saw from the former Laker.

"Bro what is he even doing?" "Keep these dudes out the ring man." "The upper cut + spin combo >>>>>" "Dats the middle school bathroom move." "Randomly wondering what Nick Young has been up since he left the league and finding out it's this is wild." "All that reach for nothing." "Dude keep your hands up at ALL TIMES."

Young has spoken before about wanting to fight D'Angelo Russell, the two were teammates during their time with the Lakers and famously had issues with one another. Ultimately, celebrity boxing is more entertainment than a sport but if Young can keep getting better at it, then surely he'll get better and have some more fights for fans to enjoy. Start the conversation